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A complete guide to taking care of your linen sarees

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Linen sarees are a summer favourite, no doubt about it. Linen fabric is more durable than cotton. In addition to that, the manufacturing of linen consumes fewer resources which actually makes linen an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric.

Linen material has a brilliant saree texture that goes about a phenomenal choice to cotton during summers. Since this saree texture is produced using a normally obtained material known as flax fibre, it is extraordinarily delicate, retentive and smooth. In any case, that is not all!

This appealing texture allows air to go through the texture which guarantees that you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Firstly, it is important to know the characteristics of linen fabric. This will help you understand the guide better, and also help you choose the right fabric for your needs.

**You could always dry clean the saree and leave it to the experts!

Understanding your linen fabric

  • Linen is a light-weight fabric. Once you wear a linen saree, you would not want to wear any other saree!

  • Linen that we source is made from flax fibre.

  • Linen sarees have a very soft feel on the skin. This combined with the light-weight makes it an easy choice to wear in summers and for daily wear.

  • The fabric is very breathable, and hence comfortable when draped. You can forget about the awkward, cumbersome sarees that your moms & aunts used to wear; show them how it is done in a cool way.

  • Linen consumes fewer resources which actually makes linen an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric.

Now that you know about linen fabric and its characteristics, let’s understand how to wash linen sarees. We will also cover how to dry, iron and store the linen sarees after washing is completed.

How to wash linen saree?

  • For washing the linen saree, first soak it separately in cold water for 5-10 minutes with rock salt to avoid excess colour bleeding during and after wash.

  • Expect slight colour bleeding during the initial 2-3 washes. This is normal. Do not worry, this won’t fade the saree colour. Colour bleeding happens because it loses extra colour that is picked up during the dyeing process.

  • Add a mild detergent or preferably a shampoo to the cold water. Since the linen saree is soft & light weight, do not use any harsh detergents.

  • Now comes the tricky part - you will have to hand wash the saree gently. Only apply pressure on visible areas of dirt & stains. For all other areas, apply gentle pressure.

  • Once you have washed your linen saree, do not wring it too tight. The soft fabric needs to be handled with care.

  • Linen sarees need to be dried in shade and not in the bright sun. This will ensure that your saree colour does not fade soon.

  • You could even flat dry the saree in shade so that there is no need of using an iron.

**You could always give the saree for dry cleaning and let the experts handle it.

How to iron a linen saree?

  • In case you wish to iron the saree, use the iron on a low-temperature setting. Do give explicit instructions to your laundryman/dry-cleaners about the same.

  • Higher temperatures act harshly on your fabric and reduce its durability.

  • For best results, flat dry the saree in shade like we mentioned earlier!

How to store linen saree?

  • Linen sarees absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture. Make sure you store it in a dry place away from dampness and moisture.

  • Avoid folding linen saree repeatedly on the same folds eventually it will add permanent creases and damage the saree.

  • Store or hang it, don't push it under the heavy pile of sarees.

  • Carefully fold the sarees and store it in a cotton bag. We suggest using your old cotton sarees to create the bags. Recycle & reuse! :)

Now that you have a complete understanding of how the linen saree needs to be washed, dried and stored; let us also tell you more about the linen sarees designed and created by Mogasu.

Know linen sarees best kept secret

Not many would know this little secret: Linen fabric gets better with every wash. Please do not starch the saree. It might affect the natural softness of the saree and ruin the fibre. All our linen sarees come with silver zari.

Linen sarees at Mogasu

Our sarees are traditionally hand dyed and hand printed by expert artisans. Mogasu’s sarees are available in linen, mul cotton and chanderi silk with fresh and quirky designs that help you stand out from the crowd. Our slow-fashion philosophy is embraced by the sarees we produce. We promise that the colours will not fade and the saree will look fresh and brand new even after 50+ washes!

The sarees are available on our website and also on the Social Media channels: Instagram and Facebook. Our quirky designs and fresh colors have been loved by many. Shop your Mogasu saree online now.

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