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Why buying a Mogasu saree is a good investment!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Yes you read it right - buying sarees is not just a fashion statement, but a good investment as well. Read on to find out by buying the unique blockprinted sarees from Mogasu will be the best investment you will ever make in clothing!

Our sarees last long

Have you ever wondered why your mom has a wardrobe full of sarees? Sarees are indeed considered as a long lasting piece of clothing. Some sarees transcend generations and are passed on as heirlooms.

With the use of natural fabrics our blockprinted sarees will last in your wardrobe for a long time. In fact, our mul sarees have been tested for as much as 40 washes without any colour fading.

We care for environment

We use natural fabrics such as softest cotton, pure chanderi silk and hemp linen, which are skin friendly and keeps your body cool. Our production process aims at reducing the carbon footprint. We also avoid using any plastics in our packaging.

Considering the current environment concerns and climate change, everyone is keeping an eye out towards being sustainable and environment friendly. Most of us are mindful about consumerism and have started admiring the lifestyle of earlier generations which was driven by values and conservatism.

Sarees are multi purpose

Multi purpose use and versatility of sarees makes it a unique garment in the world. Saree can be up-cycled or recycled. For example, a saree could be turned into a lehenga, kurta for a teenage girl from her mom’s silk saree after rigorously using it first as a saree.

In fact, I have seen a variety of products being created from sarees - bags, purses, handkerchiefs, clothing for kids, etc. My mom also uses old sarees to dry papads and kokum!

Our sarees speak about India

We work closely with artisans for a modern take on traditional block printing technique to live upto the taste and trends of the current generation. By buying a saree from us, you will be supporting traditional Indian arts and the small cottage businesses that thrive on it.

While we have started with blockprinted sarees designed in Goa, and available in mul, chanderi slik and linen; we plan to explore other traditional Indian arts in the near future.

Our sarees draw eyeballs ;)

We always love when someone compliments how we dress up! You are surely getting a head-turn at your next party when you drape our one of a kind, unique, quirky saree. After all, a compliment is priceless and lasts in your memory forever.

Well now why wait when you know so many advantages of shopping for a Mogasu saree. Check out our website and order your favourite saree online today.

Mogasu offers blockprinted sarees available in premium chanderi silk, high quality mul cotton and soft linen fabrics. Each saree has a unique print inspired by quirky designs which will surely make you stand out of the crowd. The saree colours are soothing, different and unique in their own way. Shop for your favourite colour and pattern of block printed sarees online with Mogasu.

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