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How to take care of your Chanderi silk saree like a pro

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Chanderi sarees are loved by all for their shimmering beauty and natural look. The silk material holds a significance in India’s garment history. Where did Chanderi sarees originate from? Chanderi silk originated in Chanderi village (Madhya Pradesh). The art and the material then propagated across central India and the Mewad, Malwa, Gujarat regions of Western India. The Chanderi weaving culture is at least 1000 years old!

Your Chanderi silk saree requires attention and care, so that they last longer. We have compiled an exhaustive guide on how to wash, store, and take care of your Chanderi sarees. Before we deep dive, you should definitely know a few more things about Chanderi silk:

Here are a few things to know about Chanderi silk

  • It is a very light-weight fabric

  • It is made from natural fibers of cotton and silk, and is hence considered eco-friendly

  • It is a lustrous fabric and translucent (check out our Instagram to see how the silk shines in natural sunlight!)

  • It is very breathable, hence comfortable when draped

Now that you know the essence of Chanderi silk, let's get into the details on how to wash the Chanderi silk saree.

How to wash Chanderi sarees?

Err, that’s a wrong question to be honest. Chanderi sarees should preferably be dry cleaned only and not washed! This will ensure that the fabric is not damaged.

  • If you wish to wash the saree at home, do not soak or rub; use mild detergent and dry under oblique sunlight

  • Iron the saree at low temperature, this will ensure that the saree is ready to wear.

We know that the Chanderi saree will be worn less frequently - say, only for special occasions, or events; it becomes extremely important to store the Chanderi saree correctly. Let the fabric experts and designers at Mogasu tell you how:

How to store Chanderi sarees?

  • Like all silk fabrics, you will have to warp the saree in a cotton fabric or bag

  • Always hang the saree, if you wish to pile it, make sure it stays on top to avoid crisp folds.

  • Take out the saree every six months and air dry and refold it (make sure the folds don't fall on the same fold as the last time.

  • Store the saree in a dry place. Throw in some silica gel packets to avoid moisture - this becomes very important in humid places like Goa, Kerala, and Mumbai. You do not want your precious chanderi saree to be covered in fungus!

Secret tips on taking care of Chanderi sarees

  • Do not apply direct perfume

  • Every once in six months take out the sarees in preferably October and place under oblique sunlight

Now that you have a complete understanding of how the Chanderi saree needs to be washed, dried and stored; let us also tell you more about the Chanderi sarees designed and created by Mogasu.

Chanderi sarees at Mogasu

Chanderi silk used in Mogasu’s sarees is procured from local weavers. Our sarees are traditionally dyed (not in machines!) and hand block printed by expert artisans. The quirky, fresh designs from Mogasu give a modern twist to the traditional Chanderi fabric. Unique patterns, fresh colors will definitely help you stand out of the crowd. We are an eco-friendly, slow-fashion brand and our sarees are made from the best, durable fabric available in India.

The sarees are available on our website here and also on the Social Media channels: Instagram and Facebook. Our quirky designs and fresh colors have been loved by many. Buy your Chanderi saree online now (Click here). Consider the unique, block printed, designer sarees from Mogasu - as more of an investment, then spending!

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