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What does it take to create hand block printed sarees?

At Mogasu, our aim is to create unique and quirky designs using traditional techniques like hand block printing. Did you ever wonder, what goes into creating one block printed saree? Read this blog to find out how a block-printed saree is produced and why it is considered unique.

Step 1: Find the right fabrics - All our cotton, linen, and silk sarees are grey fabrics sourced from the best of what is available in the market. These are handloom/machine-made fabrics of the best quality. Natural fabrics are recommended for block printing.

Step 2: Get the base color right - Our fabrics are hand-dyed by expert local dyers, who match the shade of the saree to that of the designs. The color matching comes with years of experience and they don’t use any color codes or measurement tools for this!

Step 3: Dry the dyed sarees - The dyed fabric is then dried in shade.

Step 4: Set up for block printing - The dried fabrics are placed over long tables and pinned to the sides to avoid creases. The colours are poured into rectangular frames and this is used as a stamp pad. Parallelly, blocks are hand carved in wood and dipped in oil to avoid cracks due to seasonal weather changes.

Step 5: Voila! Now the printing starts. Every design is a repeat process of blocks dipping in the stamp pad and stamping the same onto the fabric to get the perfect repeat pattern. The stamping needs expertise as no scale and measurement are used while stamping each block.

Step 6: Almost done - The saree is now dried and ironed. Each saree is carefully checked for quality.

Step 7: Finishing touches - The saree ends are stitched and cute handmade tassels are sewn at the pallu.

Step 8: Packed and ready to go!

Now you can understand how much effort goes into creating each of the sarees! Authentic hand block printing methods are laborious and produce unique premium garments. There is care and love poured in to create each of the pieces. Mogasu’s block-printed sarees are in true essence a fusion of modern designs and traditional Indian techniques. Buy your quirky block-printed sarees by expert artisans from our online store here.

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