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Immerse yourself in the timeless glamour of a traditional Goan residence, where the beauty lies in the intricately carved antique wooden furniture and doors. Inspired by this rich heritage, our saree unfolds as a visual tapestry, celebrating the elaborate details of these treasures.
In a harmonious play of patterns, the saree embraces a stunning 'half and half' design. The first half, adorned with charming pink polka dots, gracefully extends to the pleats, creating a lively and playful ambiance. Transitioning seamlessly, the second half comes with a delicate green checkered pattern that unfolds with finesse till the pallu. Nestled within this checkered expanse are soft pink flowers, a delicate touch reminiscent of the blooming gardens that surround these homes.
The saree pallu is adorned with adorable pink tassels, adding a cute little detail that elevates the entire saree. This creation is not merely a garment; it is a visual ode to the craftsmanship and timeless charm found within the confines of a typical Goan house. This saree comes in mul cotton fabric. Saree comes with a blouse piece as shown in the last picture.



At Mogasu, apparel is hand dyed and hand blocked printed by skillful artisans with love and precision. You might notice some imperfections - a testimony to the 100% original hand printing techniques. The colours might slightly differ due to lighting and photography.

Flor ~ Mul

Taxes Included
  • Mul (mulmul cotton) fabric is super soft, lightweight and breathable. The fabric readily absorbs moisture, is great to wear during hot Indian summers and becomes softer with every wash.

    Each saree is approximately 5.5 m in length and 45 inches in width. All sarees come with an 80 cm unstitched blouse piece.

    All sarees come with edging and tassels :)

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