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A beginner’s guide to wearing saree

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Wearing a saree is an art form in itself in India. For those who are not aware or familiar with this traditional garment, it could be quite intimidating. But worry not, Mogasu is here to help you. With some guidance and lots of practice, you can learn to wear a saree with confidence. Then you will be able to wear our soft mul sarees, traditional chanderi silk sarees, comfortable linen sarees.

Anyway, on to the blog piece where we tell you how to wear a saree -

  1. Choosing the right saree: You should start by selecting the right saree that suits your taste. Consider the following factors - occasion, colour, material, fabric and design.

    1. Occasions play an important role in choosing the right saree. For traditional functions - most people choose silk sarees. For office events you can go with cotton/linen sarees. We do have both traditional chanderi silk sarees and quirky, cute mul cotton sarees. On some special occasions such as Makar Sankranti, you could also wear a black saree. (which we also have! Check out Conchas Black linen saree with shell pattern here)

    2. Choosing the right colour is important. For day functions, prefer light colours. For functions during the night, you can wear darker colours. Mogasu’s collection of Goan sarees comes in all shades of colours, bright and pastel, dark and light.

    3. Making the right choice of material will matter the most for comfort. In hot summers - do choose mul cotton or linen sarees that are lightweight and comfortable. In fact, Goan sarees by Mogasu are known to be quite comfortable for hot Goan summers and many customer have praised us for the same. Oh by the way, have you checked out our new collection of hand block printed sarees yet? Our collection of Goan sarees will make you stand out of the crowd! Reach out to us to know the property of the fabric, so that you will be able to judge what to wear accordingly.

    4. The best way to look beautiful is to drape a saree with unique designs. Mogasu’s aim is to showcase the traditional Indian crafts but with a modern twist. All designs are inspired from Goa and we have unique sarees that are to be found nowhere else. Check out our designs like Azulejo (inspired by Portuguese hand painted tiles), Kajini (inspired by Cashews), Kokum (inspired by the tangy fruit).

  2. Preparing the saree: Most sarees can be worn out of the box, although you will need a stitched blouse or some other garment that you can wear as a blouse! Few ladies prefer their sarees with fall and edging done. Fall supports the hemline of the saree by adding weight to it, and ensures that the draping stays in place for long correctly. Mogasu sarees can be bought online with an option to get the fall and edging done. This convenient option will make sure that you can wear the sarees directly off the box.

  3. To complete the saree look you need to have a blouse and a petticoat/underskirt matching to the saree colour. There are two types of petticoats/underskirts in the market currently. One is the regular skirt made of cotton fabric and the other is saree shapewear which helps to enhance the curves after the saree is draped. It is up to you whichever you find comfortable. You can find cheap but decent quality petticoats and shapewear in your nearest cloth shop. Else you can also shop from online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra. It is as important to choose the right petticoat as it is to choose the right saree. Now that you have all the essentials, let’s see how to drape the saree.

  4. Tying the petticoat: Tie the petticoat around your waist with a knot at the right side, making sure it sits on your hips. Don’t tie it too tight, you need to have some space to tuck in the saree pleats.

  5. Start by wrapping the saree around you starting from one end.

  6. Making pleats: Take the saree fabric and make pleats (usually around 5-6) along the waist and tuck them in at the center front. Mogasu sarees are so comfortable and soft that making pleats is very easy.

  7. Draping the pallu: Take the pallu (the loose end of the saree) and bring it over your shoulder. Pin it to your blouse at the shoulder to hold it in place.

  8. Finishing touches: Adjust the pleats and make sure they are neat and even. Tuck in any loose edges or folds. If needed, adjust the length of the saree by slightly pulling it at the bottom. You can even iron the pleats using your hair straightener to iron out the pleats.

  9. Accessories: You can accessorise your saree with jewellery, such as earrings, bangles, necklaces and a bindi. Wear comfortable footwear that compliments your saree. If you plan on wearing heels, try to wear the footwear before you drape the saree so that the saree doesn’t float and you get to adjust the height of the saree. You can also choose comfortable sneakers to go with the saree and create a fusion look. Quirky design sarees from Mogasu can be perfectly paired with silver or gold jewellery and trendy footwear. Mogasu’s traditional chanderi silk sarees go well with gold jewellery.

  10. Practice: Wearing a saree takes practice, so don't be discouraged if you don't get it right the first time. Keep practising and soon you'll be able to wear a saree with confidence.

Recently ready to wear sarees are trending, you can buy a pre-plated saree and drape it in under a minute and you are good to go. Especially in the southern part of India you could also find help with saree ironing where the shoulder and waist pleats are ironed and the saree is just ready to drape. After you have mastered wearing a saree you could start having fun with the drapes. Remember, wearing a saree is about feeling comfortable and confident, so choose a saree that makes you feel good about yourself, and have fun with it!

Now that you are here, let me also introduce you further to Mogasu sarees inspired by Goa. Our collection is unique and will make you be the talk of the town. Mogasu’s cute sarees are available in mul cotton, chanderi silk, linen and even kota doria. Just to give you more context, let us tell you an overview of all our sarees -

  • Mogasu soft mul cotton sarees - the best-selling sarees with Goa-inspired prints come in different patterns: Azulejo, Popai, Kokum, etc.

  • Mogasu chanderi silk sarees - these sarees are not as traditional, but have cute and eye catching patterns. Do check out our silk saree collection.

  • Mogasu comfortable linen sarees - high quality linen sarees are the best that you can buy in India.

  • Mogasu light weight Kota doria sarees - our kota doria saree weighs only 200 grams! That’s lighter than your smartphone to be honest. Get your hands on one TODAY.

For more details, check out our SHOP page. Happy shopping. :)


Thanks for the perfect beginner's guidance. Draping it perfectly is the most challenging task for beginners right?

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bhawna cbs
bhawna cbs
May 25, 2023

thanks for the guidence this blog very nice and attractive.

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