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How to test the purity of a saree fabric?

Yes, you believed someone online and have purchased your natural fabric saree. Now, you start doubting if the saree fabric is really authentic and natural? How does one tell if the saree is really made of natural fibers?

We are here to tell you a few simple steps to find out the purity and composition of a fabric.

How is this helpful? For starters, you will be more confident next time you are shopping and would just be more aware of what is going into your wardrobe.

In this blog, we are going to tell you how to identify cotton, silk and polyester fabrics in a very simple way. You just need matchsticks and your brilliant nose!

How to check for natural cotton fabric?

Cotton is a plant-based fiber. Some properties of cotton are similar to that of paper - another plant-based product. The best way to test a cotton fabric is to do a simple burn test. If cotton burns like paper and smells similar, that means the fabric is natural. Cotton also has an afterglow at the end of the burn. The burnt fabric should ideally turn into ash without leaving any hardball residue. If the fabric passes this test then your fabric is pure cotton.

What could be mistaken for cotton?

There are other fabrics like Linen that are usually mistaken as cotton. However, linen burns slower than cotton. Another fabric - Rayon, keeps burning even after the flame is removed but does not have an afterglow.

How to check for natural silk fabric?

A common property of both silk and human hair is that they contain protein. When you burn a strand of silk you will notice the yarn doesn’t catch the flame but curls and forms a small ball smelling like burning hair. This curled-up plastic ball is brittle and turns into ash when rubbed between fingers. This means the fabric is pure, and this property is similar to the burning of human hair.

You might confuse polyester with silk. But when polyester burns, it gives you a plasticy smell and the ball formed is hard. The fabric melts instead of burning.

Keep an eye out next time when you are purchasing fabrics you know what you are putting inside your wardrobe.

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